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New Dawn

Product Details
Price $21.95
Common Name New Dawn
Classification Large flowered climber
Rating 8.5
Year Introduced/ Discovered 1930
Color Blush Pink
Average Dimensions
Number of Petals 25 - 40
Exposure Full Sun to partial shade.
Spacing �6' - 10'
Fertilizing Fertilize in Spring just before new growth begins.
Cold Hardiness Hardy in zones 4 - 10
Water Use Keep moist until completely established. Average water needed during growing season.
Resistance to Disease Yes
Fragrance Sweet (green apple)
Foliage Glossy, Dark Green
Growth Vigorous, upright, climbing
Bloom Repeat, blooms heavily in spring and fall, rests in summer. Large, double, clusters, repeat, pointed bud.
History Sport of Dr. W. VanFleet. Other names: Everblooming Dr. W. Van Fleet, The New Dawn.
Misc. Information

Blooms mostly on old wood. Voted "World's Favorite" for 1997. Holds first plant patent issued in US. Good rose for cutting. Will tolerate poorer soils.