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Terms and Conditions

Plants will be shipped on the date chosen, or based on proper weather conditions. We reserve the right to delay shipment if necessary, and will contact you if this happens. Once an order has been processed for shipment, it cannot be changed or cancelled. Cancelled orders are subject to a 5% restocking fee. We do not combine shipping charges. By ordering from our website, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, and our refund/warranty policy. 

We cannot be held responsible for: abnormal or extreme weather conditions, improper care, planting, or neglect by the gardener; roses that are planted in incorrect hardiness zones or planted during the time of frost danger for their zone; roses that do not get at least six hours of sun per day; roses that do not get enough water or are overwatered; roses that are not planted within a reasonable time frame upon delivery as determined by Chamblee’s, and roses that have been kept indoors for any period of time.

We do not approve warranty requests for roses that incur blackspot, powdery mildew, other diseases including Rose Rosette Disease, or pests as this is the responsibility of the gardener. Roses that experience broken or damaged canes during transit will not be replaced as these can be pruned back and will generate new growth from the own-root system. We also cannot be responsible for winter damage.

Additionally, plants are living things that all grow at different rates, and different sizes. Please keep this in mind when purchasing any plant material.

 Please note some of our roses are purchased in as bareroots in winter, they are then potted up, and grown for several months until they're ready to be shipped. This allows us to offer a larger selection of roses to you. Please DO NOT bare-root your plant, we cannot be held responsible for a plant that does not survive if it is barerooted by you. We will not issue refunds for roses that are barerooted, whether intentionally or unintentionally. These roses are ready to go in the ground, or into a larger container. The nursery container is just their temporary home until they're ready to be planted by you. Please gently remove the rose from the box by the container, not by the crown of the plant, and handle the rootball with care as to not damage their roots . 

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