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Another common name for Hydrangeas is hortensia. Some people commonly spell Hydrangea with without the 'e' like Hydranga. Hydrangea's are a type of shrub that offers brilliant color in the landscape, garden, or container. Hydrangea's come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. This flowering shrub thrives in sun to partial sun and different varieties grow from zones 4 - 10. Hydrangea's bloom from summer to fall and depending on variety bloom on old and new wood. Hydrangeas are a genius of over 75 species and 600 named cultivars. Hydrangeas can grow from 1 foot tall all the way to 100 feet tall as a climbing vine. Hydrangeas are known to need lots of water and the word Hydrangea comes from the Greek word "hydor" meaning water and "angos" meaning vessel. Hydrangeas are one of the most popular ornamental plants and are grown primarily for their large flowerheads. You can change the color of Hydrangeas from blue to pink or pink to blue depending on the acidity level of the soil. Hydrangeas are also nicknamed 'Change Rose' and make a wonderful companion plant for roses. 

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