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Shop - Knock Out® - Pink Double Knock Out (PP# 18,507)

Pink Double Knock Out (PP# 18,507)

Product Details
Price $21.95
Common Name Pink Double Knock Out (PPAF)
Classification Shrub
Rating �8.0
Year Introduced/ Discovered 2008
Color Medium Pink
Average Dimensions
Number of Petals 17-25
Exposure Full Sun
Spacing 3'-5'
Fertilizing Fertilize in spring just before new growth begins.
Cold Hardiness Hardy in zones�4 - 9
Water Use Keep moist until completely established. Average water needed during growing season
Resistance to Disease Yes, very
Fragrance Slight
Foliage Light green
Growth Short, upright growth habit
Bloom Blooms in flushes throughout season; small clusters
History Sport of 'Double Knockout'
Misc. Information