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Cl. Iceberg

Product Details
Price $21.95
Common Name Climbing Iceberg
Classification Climbing Floribunda
Rating 8.9
Year Introduced/ Discovered 1968
Color White
Average Dimensions 12-15  6-8
Number of Petals 20-25
Exposure Full Sun
Spacing 6
Fertilizing Fertilize in spring just before new growth
Cold Hardiness Zones 5-9
Water Use Keep moist until completely established. Average water needed during growing season.
Resistance to Disease Yes
Fragrance Yes, mild honey (sweet)
Foliage Medium green, semi-glossy
Growth Upright, spreading, climbing growth habit
Bloom Medium, double, blooms in clusters; 20-25 petal count
History Sport of Iceberg
Misc. Information

Flowers more on established plants; very vigorous grower Blooms on old wood