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Old Blush

Old Blush

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Product Description

Old Blush is one of the oldest garden roses that Chamblee's grows.  Old Blush was introduced in the 1700's and is a steady bloomer from Spring to Frost. 
Year Introduced/Discovered: 1752
Color: Two Tone Pink (Lilac)
Average Dimensions: 3' - 6'
Number of Petals: 25-30
Spacing: 3' - 5'
Cold Hardiness: Hardy in zones 7 - 11more info
Resistance to Disease: Yes, but may mildew if not given enough water.
Fragrance: Slightly fruity fragrance
Growth: Vigorous, fast growing, upright, tall and slender
Bloom: Repeat, bloom from spring - frost. Medium blooms in loose sprays. Color deepens with age.

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